Married Women And Porn Use

In 2016, I published my book “Overcoming Porn”. At this time, it has sold over 20,000 copies even though I did little advertising and published it only in e-book format.

Over the next month, I will be excerpting selected portions for this blog. This first article reviews the effect that porn has on the married women who view it.


Married Women and Porn

Let’s return to the statistic about married women and porn use. As we observed, recent studies show that of all regular female porn users (defined as monthly use or more), 87% of these are married women.

Why do married women use porn so much more than single women?

There are many theories why the clear majority of female porn viewers are married, but most analysts mention four factors:

  1. They are introduced to porn through their partners
  2. They initially view porn to see what their husbands know. The goal of this is to improve their own sexual education.
  3. Married women think more about sex than single women and therefore have more curiosity regarding sexual orientation.
  4. Married women engage in more sex than singles, so they think about the details of sex more often as well. Curiously, the number one search term for straight women viewing porn is “lesbian.” Married women have more curiosity about bisexuality than single women do.

An online newsmagazine for women “Helloflo” published an article for women titled “Three Benefits of Watching Porn.” The third reason contends that through porn “women can validate their own sexuality.” If a woman fantasizes about sex with another woman, and then she sees this acted out on the screen, they no longer feel an outcast. They won’t have to live with the fear that they are all alone in this. The article’s author claims friends of hers are now more comfortable with threesomes, extramarital affairs, Bondage and Discipline, and transgenderism because of porn.

The popularity of the “Fifty Shades” books just underscores this point. Most critics say the Fifty Shades series is poorly written, with cardboard characters and a thin plot. This makes it the equivalent of porn in terms of quality. Yet, like porn, it sells better than most other forms of literature.

I asked a forum of online female psychologists to address why these books are so popular. Continue reading “Married Women And Porn Use”