A Recent Letter to Ed Smith

Dr. Smith often answers individual questions sent to him regarding TPM. For those of you who do not receive the questions sent out each week, here is a recent one. I want to comment on it after Ed does.

“In the Basic Seminar Manual you say, “If you encounter what you suspect might be Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) it is best that you encourage the person to seek additional help from others more qualified. As I have overstated, unless you have had training in this area and are qualified to make an accurate diagnosis, it is best that you refer the person to others who are. It is perfectly acceptable for you to say to the person, with whom you are ministering, ‘I really am not qualified to help you beyond this point, but I will try to find someone who is.’ At the same time this is not to say that you should not continue ministry with such a person but it is best Continue reading “A Recent Letter to Ed Smith”